HMV Hotels LLC-Company Profile

HMV Hotels LLC owns and operates mid-market hotel properties in South Carolina. As one of the largest regional hotel operators in the Beaufort County. HMV Hotels LLC development activities have been ambitious from the very beginning.  The acquisition and construction of hotel based on careful research and planning has given the Group solid experience, not easily matched, as operations have expanded throughout the southeast region and beyond. HMV Hotels LLC development strategy has been conceived for the long term, focusing at all times on sustainable development.

Our strategy is firmly founded on organizational values, absolute integrity, and a corporate philosophy centered on complete customer satisfaction.  Over the years, HMV Hotels LLC has established a reputation for successfully addressing the rigorous demands of market driven economics, while simultaneously focusing on the individual customer.  As the company continues to grow, it strives to meet clients’ needs by providing high-quality services and value-added benefits

From its inception, HMV Hotels LLC has successfully managed its properties in alliance with three large hotel chains:  Choice Hotels International, Holiday Inn, and Marriott Hotels.  The group operates 2 hotels at present and getting ready to build one more.

Vision & Mission

We are currently planning to start construction of 114 room Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Beaufort, SC. The construction of the hotel will begin in September 2018 that will commence on or before the end of 2019.

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